Micro Reality Racing

Micro Reality Stock Car Racing

Have you ever seen a grown man run to a convention booth? They will. They will run to your display and grin ear to ear to get a chance to drive one of our 1/10th scale stock cars. Imagine your convention booth being the talk of the event and a very productive one at that!

Our stock car racing is frequently used as the “focal point” or “anchor” for events in which everything else is used in a supporting way near and/or around the track.

Micro reality stock car racing provides countless hours of fun for everyone. We have boosted engagement for many types of events all over the Country.

  • Trade Shows
  • Conventions
  • Corporate Events


  • Company Picnics
  • Team Building Events
  • National Car Shows


  • Private Parties
  • Festivals
  • Racing Events


Conventions & Fairs

When it comes to convention entertainment, micro reality stock car racing is the perfect solution. Our remote controlled racing is the ultimate interactive experience perfect for team building, audience participation, and hours of social engagement.

Have you ever had 30% booth attendance at your convention?  We have!

The ASIS convention in San Antonio. With our traffic building technique, Professional Security Bureau recorded just over 31% booth attendance. More importantly we hold potential clients at or in view of your booth giving ample time to digest what you are offering. That means more in sales to you. Whether you want to have us at a hospitality event or a multi day convention there is no better choice than Fastrack Entertainment.

Corporate Events

Is your company looking for pure excitement? Then look no further. Fastrack Entertainment will put a smile on everyone's face with our great interactive race track. Drivers race each other with their own steering wheels, shifter and throttle. Go forward, reverse,fast, slow, turn whichever way you want. No slots to control where you go. Don’t forget the laps count too. Watch everyone's progress with our easy to read, digital lap counter. Winner takes all! Enjoy wide open racing around our challenging, thrilling race course. If your event is in Florida, Georgia, or Texas , we can make your event one to remember. We even travel nationally.

Corporate Entertainment That’s Fun!

If fun Corporate Team Building is what you're looking for, we have you covered. We partner you up with a co-worker and blindfold the driver. Instill confidence and trust to your partner with just your voice as you coax them around the track, one tricky lap after another. Watch your driver focus on your instructions while the crowd cheers on their favorite team… if you can hear them over the laughter. This makes a great ending to a long seminar and a great beginning for the Hospitality hour.

Sponsor Branded Stock Car Racing for Any Occasion

You can even have a micro reality stock car with your with company logo. Just like the big time NASCAR sponsors.