Event Planners

Looking for event entertainment?

We are the smart choice for all your corporate event planning and party planning needs!

Increase Engagement

In a convention setting as a traffic builder, we recorded a 30% booth attendance at the ASIS Convention, San Antonio. 30%!!

High Speed Fun!

Look no further for your event entertainment, our stock car racing provides hours of interactive excitement!

Team Building

Fun for the whole family! The race track is a fantastic experience no matter what you are, sex, race, or religion. It's an amazing bonding experience.

How long does it take to set up the track?

Set-up of the track itself takes 1 ½-2 hours to complete, with standard set decorations plan 3 hours. If our tent is to be used for an outside event add an additional 2 hours. Track teardown can usually be accomplished in two hours or less.

How many racers can we handle?

The four-car setup allows an average of 80 racers per hour. The six-car setup can accommodate 100 racers per hour. Expect to triple these numbers for entertainment value. Many spectators enjoy the races even if they don’t drive. Lots of fun for all!

Can we customize the track?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to work with us on decorating the track if advertising or brand awareness is important. Custom car bodies can also be designed to give you further exposure on the track. After the event, the car body is yours to keep.